A Doctor You Can Trust

Dr. Tri Myers

Dr. Tri Myers focuses on sports performance and rehabilitation in the chiropractic field. Dr. Myers graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor degree in Exercise Physiology. He then achieved his doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Myers is certified in FMS and SFMA. Plus his prior personal training experience allows him to work on a deeper level with you and personal trainers to help change your life and help you achieve your goals without increasing your chance of injury. Dr. Myers’ passion is treating athletes and being involved with teams. He understands the passion and commitment athletes have toward their sport. He has worked on the sidelines of high school and semi-pro football teams in Texas. He is currently the team physician for mixed martial art and boxing called Jawbreakers, Kruel Militia, and Immortal BJJ. Dr. Myers also loves to get involved and train with the MMA fighters. Dr. Myers has a wonderful and beautiful wife. Dr. Rachel Myers and Dr. Tri Myers met in chiropractic school in Dallas, TX. Dr. Rachel is currently working in Sanford and specializes in nutrition and Functional Medicine. They have two cats (Milly and Seven) and two dogs (Aspen a Great Pyrenees and Cheyenne golden/shepard mix). And now they have a new addition!! They just adopted their Son Janzen (as seen in the awesome pic above). They moved here to be close to the beach and the mountains. They always say, “move where you want to spend the rest of your life and you will be happy”, and they did. They are now members of Summit Church and they feel that God has put them here to impact our community in a positive way.